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Writing for Hub Pages

Since the big change, many eHow writers are looking for a new venue. After all, the biggest benefits of eHow were the (a) great community, (b) friendly web design, and (c) the residual income. Many of them have joined Demand Studios, many have joined Suite 101, and many have joined Hub Pages--everyone is trying to find out how to make money. Of course, many have joined all of them!

I've limited myself to a few sites, so I don't spread myself too thin. However, Hub Pages is quickly becoming one of my favorite ways to make money online. Publishing articles is quick and easy, and you can "move" parts of your article around, add text boxes, add polls, add pictures, and complete other easy tasks.

Hub Pages sets itself apart with a unique payment structure. They offer residual income by offering commission of 60% of the ads from Google AdSense, Amazon Associates, Kontera, and eBay. In addition, writers receive a 10% commission on the ads from any writers that they refer within 30 days. Last but not least, they offer 9% to 12% of the commission when writers refer readers to articles written by other people. The total adds up quickly, and it is easy to make money online.

As an example, visit one of my articles on Hub Pages. You should take the time to sign up---it's quick, it's free, and it's a great opportunity to make money online as a writer. Visit now!


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