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I'm Making Money on Web Answers

Who knew? You can get paid to answer questions online.

About two weeks ago, I visited Web Answers on a whim. My brain had started churning, and I realized that writers and visitors are flocking to sites like, Yahoo! Answers and I figured that someone must be paying big bucks so writers can earn money while answering questions.

The answer was surprising. Most of the sites I visited actually do not pay writers to respond. The helpful suggestions were made by good Samaritans, looking to help others. While it would be nice to fall into this category, I do need a paycheck.

My investigation led me to Web Answers, a small site that does pay writers to answer questions. The answers are often well researched, the writers are authoritative, and the site has many keywords to pop up in a search engine.

Writers are paid via Google's AdSense. When you sign up, you include your Google AdSense information. (Warning: You DO have to provide them access to your account.) When your answer receives an award on WebAnswers, your Google AdSense link will be displayed on those pages. When visitors click those ads, you receive the 60% of the advertising revenue! ( keeps 40% of the revenue for overhead.)

When your answer receives an award, your post is highlighted and you receive a "trophy" next to your answer. I won an award when I answered a question about allergies.

Several of my other answers responded to the following questions:

And no, I don't get commission when you sign up for WebAnswers. I'm just trying out the Good Samaritan role!


You are welcome! I hope that you have success promoting your articles, blog, and web page!

April 10, 2010  

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