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So what the heck is a backlink, and why do you care about them anyway? Because you want to earn money online.

A backlink is created when another site links to your site. This page, which links back to your blog or article, tells search engines that you must be important. After all, why else would someone link to your page anyway? You must be a very talented writer, or have great advice on how to make money writing online content.

When the search engine looks at your article or blog, it will count the number of sites that link to yours. The higher the number of backlinks, the higher you will rank on the search engine. So, as a writer, if your article has a lot of backlinks, then your chances of making money are increasing.

But don't be temped to cheat. These search engines are pretty savvy, and they will automatically look for discrepancies. There are a lot of people looking to make quick cash, and the search engines don't count reciprocal links (so no link trading!), or links obtained through a free (or paid) search engine submission tool. So play by the rules and manually submit your links.


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