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Eh... Maybe Not...

Some time ago, I joined up with both Associated Content and Constant Content in the hopes that it might just be the right thing for a freelancer.

Almost immediately, another author contacted me with her concerns. She felt that these two sources were very profitable, and thus, not a good resource for the freelancer.

Keeping her advice in mind, I continued on my journey with both sites. The experiment was set in motion, and I now have some results to share.

As it turns out, my author-friend was right. Neither site has been profitable for my writing. With Associated Content, my earnings are now up to a whopping 53 cents, and with Constant Content, my earnings are only $3.25 (for a movie review I wrote several years ago). While I have no issue with either company, I must agree:

Thumbs Down!


Everything I read on the forums as Associated Content indicated you need to be a very prolific writer to make money, and even then, their pathetic offers are nothing compared to what magazines and other periodicals offer.
Thank you for the honest experience you've shared.

January 26, 2008  

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